4 concepts and situations AFFIRMED BY PSYCHOLOGY that are not discussed

Psychology continues to enjoy great popularity and is understood as one of the most complex, complicated and controversial scientific branches within the sciences. Its object of study, the behavior of the human being, has edges that contact social, human and natural sciences, reason that does not facilitate its comprehension. However, over the years this science has allowed to discern some concepts and realities that are no longer discussed, and that help to better understand the way in which human beings behave and draw our lines of conduct.

The goals and objectives must be safeguarded

According to research developed at the University of New York, those people who announce their goals and objectives to others, tend to lose interest and motivation and are less likely to achieve their goals. Many of these people what they do when announcing their goals is self-satisfying ego, and then lose the motivation to strive to achieve the proposed goal. The advice through this discovery made by the psychologists of New York, is that you do what you propose, do not announce it.

We rewrite the stories to improve them

When we are facing a speech, anecdote or boring story, our mete make edits and modifications to make it more interesting. In this way we do not lose our attention and we get something out of the narration we are seeing. This discovery of psychology arises from a research of the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

The phobias already recognized

To date, psychologists have been able to detect and typify 400 different types of phobias. There are those who argue that there are actually thousands, but through the work of psychologists and the sharing of different cases throughout the world, hand there are a total of 400 recognized phobias, with their respective symptoms, intensities and manifestations. The phobia is an extreme and irrational fear that ends up affecting the quality of life of patients by not being able to face it and having to change different aspects of their daily routine to avoid contact with what generates fear.

Our favorite song

If you ever wondered why your favorite song is, psychology may have found an answer. According to the investigations carried out, the choice of a favorite theme is closely related to situations of our own life. The songs that we choose as our favorites are related to some important event in our lives on an emotional level. Songs tend to be a bridge that unites us with those memories of pleasurable situations.

These are some of the discoveries that psychology established through research, interviews and other qualitative and quantitative resources that have allowed to generate hypotheses that explain a part of the general behavior of human behavior. It is important to note that psychology is a science that despite its controversy, today is very used to determine different issues, patterns of behavior and responses to events that occur in life.