Alexander Albon also points to Honda: "We suffer with the engine"

The Grand Prix of Canada and France were difficult for the teams powered by Honda, that is, Red Bull and Toro Rosso. However, the appointment of Paul Ricard was really complicated for the equipment of the structure of energy drinks, since the Honda engine was not up to the competition, placing itself as the least powerful engine on the grid.

Alexander Albon, titular driver of Toro Rosso and present at the press conference before the Grand Prix of Austria, also points to Honda and asks them for a more powerful power unit to fight with more competitive weapons. In addition, it has been confirmed that the Thai will penalize for changing components, since it has exceeded the limit of allowed components per season.

"This weekend is not the same as a normal one. We suffered with the engine in Paul Ricard. We thought about risking it in another weekend. At the beginning of the season you are a bit in shock, it is getting used to, like everything, and pick up the pace. But it's okay, I was comfortable from the start. Finding the extra car takes a little more time. It's about how to get more, to talk to the engineers. McLaren and Renault were very strong in Paul Ricard. But we hope to recover here, "says Alexander Albon.