Discover how to make the time machine

Travel in time must be related either naturally or artificially, always externally, this topic of time travel has always fascinated the humanity and we have also always tried to find a way to devise how to make a time machine, changing the past to devise the future for the world.

A professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada and an astrophysicist at the North American University of Maryland, spoke of a study that has just been published in a science journal, which has literally turned upside down the concept of temporary travel that was had until now.

These two scientists have devised a temporary bubble system that acts on a mathematical level and will work when a material is discovered that allows to build what would be a closed device that makes the fabric of space and time can be curved inside without using a quantity infinite energy, its approach is very novel.

What this article talks about:

¿How to travel in time?

A bubble, a cycle and a real spectacle of the unfolding of reality and of parallel universes, the theoretical foundation of this machine is based on the fact that we live in a 3-dimensional space when in reality they are 4 dimensions, we really live in a 4th dimension, time is what explains the fabric of reality, as it was described by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity in 1915, it is a fabric on which bodies rest that is the fabric of reality, if all the planets rest on this invisible fabric, but not indivisible that is curved by the presence of large masses such as planets or stars, this makes everything we have close to be attracted, but this is not science fiction.

It's known what, if there is this tissue of temporary space, thanks to gravitational waves, in February of 2016 with the LI GEO experiment, knowing how these waves behave, we will know how that fabric behaves, and after the fabric of reality we can travel to the future and the past.

These gentlemen assure that the material to build this bubble exists, and that in addition this will be able to travel at a speed beyond the speed of the light, supposedly it is not possible, but they say that this material will allow to do it.

The novelty of this model is what the philosopher said, where there is only the distance between our memories, something that connects a bit about predetermination, this about time over the past or the future as Albert Einstein said, it is only a very convincing illusion as if we had already experienced everything and this is logical because as we would see the future in this machine, in this model supported by mathematics, the future is already predetermined, if we look is identical to the wheels of life of reincarnation of Indian mythology.

Theories of travel in time

Mathematics and the model would give an amazing result with this solution, if we achieve with all our science reach the equation of relativity this model would appear from nothing, depending on where the past begins.

At the end at the molecular and atomic level all the versions of yourself would end at same place, joining in the same present in the same body, determining the ship in all cases.

These scientists have called their machine "domains, retrograde without cause traversable in space and time. " Today depends on the discovery of that matter that holds all this process in the universe that also exists mathematically and must exist within the reach of human beings in the near future.

The theme of this is to get the speed of light inside what would be the bubble, if that object that moves with 99% of the speed of light, its mass is multiplied by 22, to move increasingly larger masses , you need greater infinite energies, that would be the main problem, hence the need to find a certain type of material not yet found.

This makes the energy used to make the bubble move can be brutal almost infinite, when will this be discovered? At any time you will find this type of material. Who would not like to see the future, who would not like to change the past, this would make us unfold the universe in different parallel universes, but of course this would be another story.