guided meditation to sleep well at night

guided meditation to sleep

Behind the insomnia there is always something that disturbs us. You may not rest properly due to stress, problems that do not let you fall asleep, any illness or because you carry out bad habits that do not have a pleasant rest. However, athletes, even those who train late, sleep much better. Further, you can perform guided meditation to sleep. You'll see how fast you see the benefits!

It is possible that these people invest the same sleep time as others. However, the dream is deeper and they rest much better. In Practical Life we ​​know that the dream is a very important habit of the day to day. Therefore, we leave you the keys proposed by so you get a good night's sleep

Tips to sleep well at night

There are some tricks that will help you to reconcile sleep more easily. The first thing you have to do is make sure you have enough time for it. Sleeping 8 hours a day is the most recommended. In the morning you will feel much better and you will be more productive throughout the day.

  • Avoid caffeine. This substance does not affect everyone equally, but if you are a light sleeper or find it difficult to reconcile, it is best to avoid caffeine in the afternoon. The same happens with nicotine.
  • Go to bed every day at the same time and waking up at the same time is a good way to accustom the body to get better sleep.
  • Avoid heavy meals and drinks at night is another of the great tips. It is important to eat lightly and two hours before going to bed. So you let your body do the digestion.
  • Exercise regularly. It has been shown that athletes get better sleep. This is because your body is more tired, you are not sitting all day and you get rid of the accumulated stress.
  • Guided meditation for sleep is another of the great exercises that can be performed to better sleep.
  • Keep the room cool. The environment in which we sleep also affects us directly. Therefore, keeping the room cool helps us to sleep better.
  • It's also good avoid naps after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, unless you work in shifts, where it can be recommended.

Why exercise helps sleep better

Playing sports is one of the best activities to get to sleep. Also, if you do a combination of sport with meditation, it will be much better.

  • You are more tired. The human being is made to combine sleep cycles with cycles of vglia in which it is advisable to perform physical activity. If we work sitting or a long time, our cycle will not be complete. Therefore, physical activities, especially intense ones, help to better sleep.
  • Performing exercise helps reduce stress. Stress accumulates throughout the day in our body and in our mind and does not allow us to rest peacefully. Therefore, if we mix sports and, after this, we do a meditation class, we will be able to eliminate stress and sleep better.
  • It helps prevent sleep apnea. Playing sports helps prevent apnea, a serious health problem. This occurs when we stop breathing for several seconds during sleep. This is usually caused by mechanical obstruction of the airways. This makes the sleep quality much worse. It is very good to exercise, because you avoid obesity, one of the causes associated with this symptom.
  • You spend less time sitting. The more hours we are sitting, the worse the dream is. The good thing about doing sports is that you move your whole body and reduce the time you spend sitting, so you help your body feel better.

These are the keys to perform guided meditation to sleep and fight against insomnia.

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