How does an SEO consultant help you detect business niches?

SEO Consultant

The SEO consultant is the person responsible for making appear in the first places of the search engine the digital companies of their clients, highlighting what makes them different. As SEO specialist must propose the best strategies to get the most visits on the website. You could say that your job is to get quality organic traffic by working the SEO on page and off page. Although his work is very broad and very interesting today we are going to focus on how this SEO expert It can help you detect digital business niches.

Because you need
Spot business niches with an SEO consultant?

Internet and the ease of having a CMS to create content has opened the possibility to millions of people around the world to create your online store or your blog in a few minutes and start selling. But this advantage is also the big problem when it comes to appearing on the first page of the search engines, which is necessary to publicize and sell the products and services that are offered. The SEO consultants They have seen an opportunity for their clients in the business niches, a solution that increasingly gets to position new companies and small projects. The SEO specialists they achieve these results by generating visibility with natural actions or organic results that they achieve with the extensive knowledge they have about web positioning factors. Although it is said that there are more than 200 positioning factors to control, SEO experts They have the ability to detect niche markets to get more immediate results by handling few factors. Here we will analyze those key factors.

Factors of
web positioning for business niches

one. Selection of business keywords

The first thing is to detect the main keywords
of the business known in the Anglo-Saxon world as a keyword, that is, those
words with which the web user searches for products or services like the ones you
you offer. These keywords can be found with digital tools
special for SEO, also analyzing the keywords of the competition or
using the same Google search engine when autocomplete phrases from

two. Identify the keyword opportunity

It is one thing to know the most appropriate keyword for
our business and another is to have a business opportunity with her.
Some indicators that guide on the opportunity you have with the
Selected keyword are:

  • The number of
    results that are obtained in the search engine after entering the keyword.
  • The number of
    results that work with that keyword in the title.
  • The number of
    results that work with the keyword in the URL.

The idea is to identify if that number is low or high
to establish the most appropriate strategy. When the best option is very high
is to work with a niche market.

3. Choose a long tail strategy

Once the SEO consultant realizes the difficulty of a keyword, this can propose an ideal long tail strategy to capture niche markets. In this case, if your keyword is a shoe, you will know that there are many websites bidding on this same keyword and if you are new to the digital world, your chance to go out in the first places is very scarce. But if you focus on the sports niche for children, you could establish a key phrase like "children's sports shoes" and thus compete in a smaller market. This is called a long tail strategy.

Four. International business opportunities

Another strategy may be to focus on a market
international, an interesting strategy to sell all over the world or in
markets with a language different from ours. An SEO consultant will know
identify the most used search engine in that country and it is also in the
ability to identify international keywords and in another language of
the products and service offered by its customers. Depending on the budget
and the experience that you have in the market will be necessary to bet on the
International market more attractive. Remember that an international market
has a culture different from yours and the strategies that have hitherto
operated in your location will not necessarily work in the market
international. For a digital business it is important to understand how they look for
users, what language they use, which is the most popular search engine or if the product
that is offered has seasonality or not in that country.

5. Analysis of the competition

Some agencies are giving more and more importance to the movements made by the competition when it comes to focusing on a niche market, mainly due to its exponential growth. For example, the SEO agency Girona stands out in strategies for niche markets by giving importance to this aspect precisely. For them, it is important to know the main competitors of their customers, not only those who sell the same products and services but also those who bid with the same keyword, even if they offer different products and services.

6 Structure of the website

A SEO specialist you may not work alone and have a multidisciplinary team to help you position each project you propose. One of the key strategies to channel a niche market is to structure the website to receive it, that is, to have content that attracts this sector, tools to guide them and products and services tailored to what they need. This is where digital marketing is felt, since this raises the best strategy to go from the goal to the structure of the website.

Of course, these are not
are the only aspects that control a consultant
when searching for a niche market for your client, but they are the basis for
start and are the factors where R & D is growing in SEO.