Keys to success in online casinos


Surely many of you, dear readers, are occasional players of one or several games of chance.

Whether it's the National Lottery for Public Assistance, or Lotenal, or as you surely call it simply National Lottery, be it any of the almost innumerable amount of other games, scratch cards, sports betting or card games, we all dream of winning a generous amount of silver with which to give us a whim or even allow us a peaceful retirement.

But often it is cumbersome to have to move to get our betting ticket, make our winning bet or try our skill at the poker table, or 21 blackjack.

Alternatives to the physical game

Many of you may already know about it, or even use it, but all of these betting houses, casino, and even Lotenal itself have an electronic version, which although a priori may cause us some concern, use (of course, not having to put our credit card in a web page) we will soon check that it is much more comfortable to use and that it allows us to play almost anytime and anywhere, since we will not need more than our cell phone and an internet connection, something of which we have practically all Mexicans today.

What can we play?

Actually, there is no game of chance in the physical world that does not have its counterpart in online version.

Whether it's the lottery, slot machines, or card games like poker, all varieties of casino games They are available to us. We will review below some of the most popular in our country:

  • Lottery: Although the first lottery in our country dates from 1771, from the time of New Spain, it is necessary to wait until the first emperor Agustín de Iturbide to have a properly Mexican lottery, which was the previous one renamed on the occasion of independence.
  • Slots: very popular due to its simplicity when playing and its omnipresence throughout the national geography, both physical and virtual, since we can find this game in any of the casinos we visit.
  • Blackjack: very played in any of its varieties, easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Keys to keep in mind when playing

Next, we will give some very basic but important tips for anyone who decides to enter the game, hopefully it will be useful.

First tip: Try and improve your skills with free versions of your favorite games.

Second tip: If you play slot machines, it is preferable to play in those that offer fixed maximum prize payments. Why? Well implement because being playing a lot of people at once, the games that offer progressive prizes, that is, not fixed, limit our chances of winning a large amount, but do not limit our ability to win more modest prizes.

Third advice: Play only the amount of money you can afford to lose without this causing your finances a big break Remember that we must continue to pay the rent!

Last tip: Claim your welcome bonus. This bonus differs from one casino to another, but invariably who more and who least offers some kind of economic incentive at the time of making our first income. This money can also encourage us to try several betting houses, since charging the bonus of one will not prevent us from enjoying the other welcome bonuses.

What is the casino that best suits our needs?

To decide it is best to try several, either consolidated houses such as William Hill, or projects as interesting as Casinos Caliente, it is best to register in several of them and once we have experimented with what they offer for a while prudential, without forgetting to have enjoyed your welcome bonuses, we decide on the one that best suits our needs, either for its comfort or its reliability.

After having decided game, chosen casino and practiced enough in the free versions and we can only try real money, and, above all, enjoy the experience.