Knowing the carpets with drawings and shapes of Happy Friday

Children's rugs are a perfect decoration element for the children's room. The variety of designs and colors available allows us to give these spaces a special touch. In addition, the warmth they provide comes in handy if we are looking to create a playground for children. They love to play on the floor and, especially in winter, parents are more relaxed if they do it on a carpet that isolates them from the cold.

In this post I would like to tell you about the carpets with Happy Friday drawings. His designs conquered me from the first moment I saw them. You can click here to see the carpets on their website. No doubt this aspect is the most striking, but not the only remarkable. The carpets are handmade with 100% cotton thread, their dyes are non-toxic and They can be washed in a washing machine. The latter is important because it is necessary to clean the carpets frequently to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt.

That said, I'm going to show you the brand's children's rugs that I liked the most. As I said before, the Design is your strongest point. They are carpets with a lot of decorative potential. There are many models to choose from: the magic carpet of Aladdin, fairytale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood or Peter Pan, carpets in the shape of a rocket or car, etc. They are all really beautiful, but I especially liked animal rugs.

For example, this cat rug is one of my favorites. I love the mustard color and it seems very appropriate for a carpet. I would have a hard time choosing between that carpet and the one that has the shape of a pig. I have already mentioned on occasion that I have a weakness for that animal and the carpet is so funny … But I could not rule out the owl carpet. Just as adorable and with more neutral colors that can look good in any room.

Children's rugs Happy Friday 1

There are also options for those who prefer the carpet to have a more traditional shape. I have selected two that I have especially liked to show you. The first one is circular and has as protagonist a fawn accompanied by a bird and some mushrooms. In the second, rectangular, is a cute monkey surrounded by stars that monopolizes attention. Both designs are characterized by their soft colors.

Children's rugs Happy Friday 2

Finally, I would like to emphasize that children's rugs are not the only thing you will find in Happy Friday. You can buy them other accessories to match them like the quilt or the duvet cover for the bed. In addition, there are other items especially designed for children as tipis, puffs, cushions … Surely combining them is a very cool room!

I hope you liked the post I love discovering brands that offer products as fun as these children's rugs. Did you like the ones that appear in the post? I recommend you go through the Happy Friday website to discover the rest of the designs. They are worth it.