Pokémon Masters is the next title for iOS and Android

Pokémon Masters It's a new game thanks to collaboration with Welcome, in which will bring the mythical creatures, with an innovative format and that we had not seen before for mobile devices. It seems that the company wants to keep reaping successes, just like Pokémon Go, that although it does not have the same relevance as in its beginnings, continue to earn a lot of income.

Much has been speculated about Pokémon Masters, but there was no knowledge about its subject. Well, thanks to a video published by the company itself, we have many details to highlight; and since we say that it looks very good.

Pokémon Masters where the alliance is the main objective

The developers want to reinforce the importance of making friends within the game, it is even the key to keep moving forward in this new story. As you can see in the video when we meet with the enemies, this shows the participation of three users in battle, in total there would be 6; in this section we will have the power to choose which attack to make, according to the strategies of the field.

We had seen this before, but what does surprise us is when we walk, which seems as if we were in the first person, meaning that there is no walking character; This is an excellent detail because it helps users to enter the world of Pokémon Masters.

Currently there is no specific date of Pokémon Masters, we only know that it will be launched in summer, globally; so much for Android as for iOS. So in theory we would not have to wait for a release in a staggered way, in order to download it.

And the best of all is that the app is totally free, having the opportunity to buy within the game; this is necessary for the good performance and development of it.

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