Relations with the soulmate ⋆ Being and Being

These relationships of souls they are great gifts of the universe, are relationships in which both parties unify to form a single Being, although yes, without losing freedom, or individuality, awaken all our senses, help us to awaken and recognize our innate abilities and qualities, help us to be owners of our life and our true identity, fill us with love.

At first It can be difficult to be with a soulmate, because it brings out the best in you but also makes you transform the worst, that's why when we are working with a soul mate we have to work in unity but without forgetting that that person has his space and we have ours, that despite working in unity we have to continue working our personal mission.

In them we reflect and we can see our lights and our shadows, being in this way "simple" the power to work what we do not like about us and to enhance what does work.

Trust, flow and communicate with sincerity. With these three pillars we get connected and constantly elevated.

There are times when these relationships do not occur because of fear, fear of what they will say, of leaving your comfort zone, not believing they are capable …

Other opportunities will arrive so that you can do what you agreed to. That is why we feel that situations are constantly repeated to us, they are the signal that something is not being focused in the best way.

The universe as always respects the opinion we take and does not force situations because it is guided by the law of free will, and will wait patiently throughout life, even in another if it does not happen.

These souls are based on friendship, love, admiration, simplicity, sincerity, truth and unity.