In Madrid we have everything, and there is even southern music. From American music to hip hop, there are many artists who try to hang their sound on the hook of some piece of southern musical tradition. Meanwhile, there are other artists who have unequivocally carved a piece of sonic earth from the south for themselves, albeit involuntarily. The band from Athens, Ga. New could fall into this second category.

In his third film, "MAGNET KING MAGNET QUEEN", the band delves into the psychic, atmospheric rock and loaded with fireworks that characterized his first 2 albums. And while certain longer songs may feel somewhat krautrocky, there is still enough space, lassitude and rhythmic oscillation.


Let's talk about Rock Madrid and the return to the stage in 2018 of one of the groups in the capital, which is not only marked by the launch of this work. Also, for the success of his video clip, «Wax Dance». An authentic work of art that has toured renowned film festivals. In fact, he has won two awards: at the Oniros Film Awards and at the European Fil Festival Mainstream & Underground. In addition, he has been a finalist in many others.


The Madrid band has prepared a special EP, to celebrate their five years of musical career. In this new work, they review, arrange and improve three themes of their first work, "Jester", published in 2013.

Self-produced work, recorded and mixed by Art in Signature, and mastered in Mastering Mansion by Nick Litwin. «Intermission» was born with two clear objectives: to mark a point and separate in the career of the band, and to pay a particular tribute to their first album, «Jester».

rock madrid – Trajectory of the band

Aces & Jokers was born in Madrid in 2011, thanks to the singer and keyboardist Art Ace and the guitarist Manu Puerta. A project that, from the beginning, wanted to compose original and different material. Two years later, in October 2013, with Mateo Arroyave on drums and Luis Gascó on bass, they presented "Jester" before a crowded Wurlitzer Ballroom.

The passage of the years was modifying the formation of the group, to which Felipe Arroyave was added to the electric guitar, at the time that Luis Gascó left the band of mutual agreement. The year of «Jester» presentation culminated with a concert at the Open Air «Save The Planet» in Germany.

After that first year of tour and, taking advantage of the presence of new members in the band, Aces & Jokers decided to reinvent themselves at a musical level. An evolution that has as a result, his second work, "Beyond Reflection". An album in which they enter the field of «art rock», with progressive, classic or even out of rock tones.

Now, go a step further with the reissue of three themes of «Jester». Thus giving life to «Intermission».