Thousands of neighbors have enjoyed the first weekend of Fiestas de Getafe

Getafe has lived its first weekend of Fiestas, with the assistance of thousands of neighbors and neighbors to the various acts, such as the original Proclamation offered by the Getafe Music Band, the concerts, which have been paid off with total the Exhibition Center as in the Plaza de la Constitución, dancing to the rhythm of Amparanoia; Brown sugar; Quijano Coffee; Medina Azahara; The Golden Age of Spanish Pop; Danny Romero and Rasel; or the kids with Baby Rock.

In the Fairground during the weekend they concentrated around 7,000 people each day, while in the City Council enjoyed the music about 4,000 people in each of the performances.

The innovative initiative of reusable cups, which has been implemented by the City through the Municipal Cleaning Company, LYMA, has been fully implemented in the booths of the Fairground, where they used more than 26,000 of these glasses, improving the appearance of the enclosure and generating less waste. LYMA has collected 1,200 kilos of packaging this weekend, which is 30% less than last year.

This year there was also record of participants and audience in the IV Crazy Car Race; and the little ones have enjoyed the many activities prepared especially for them, with hundreds of families enjoying the games.


During these Fiestas, the presence of agents of the Local Police and the National Police has increased by 20%, allowing for faster actions as well as preventive measures. In addition security cameras have been installed to better address any type of incident.

During this weekend there have been no serious injuries, only a slight injury to an arm in the Fairground. 30 complaints have been processed for loss or theft of personal belongings, 11 of them for possible robbery with violence, as the most significant data. In addition, 2 alcohol and drug tests were carried out on vehicles and more than 100 daily performances by the Local Police.

The mayor of the Local Police, has met this morning with representatives of the hoteliers of Getafe to assess this data and work on improving security for the second weekend of parties.

On the other hand, Civil Protection has carried out 45 actions for reasons of different nature such as falls, blows, cuts, dizziness or alcohol intoxication, 18 of which required a transfer to Getafe Hospital.