The arrival of the expected summer with its good weather makes us look everywhere for new trends in sunglasses this spring summer 2019. And is that every year the models are updated very fast and dynamic to the rhythm of fashion. Have you already gotten to work to bring the latest trends?


The trends in sunglasses this spring summer 2019 were already marked by designers on fashion runways. Fluorescent tones, patterned pastes, novel applications and adornments are some of his proposals.

The low-cost versions offered by online stores such as or others of the style, are surely within their collections spring-summer 2019. They usually include similar models at great prices. They are the perfect alternative for those times when our economy is not at its best.

Following with the example of Tus Glasses Online, they have sections for you to choose according to trends and tastes. From sunglasses with their low-cost versions more accessible, current and modern, to more classic and sophisticated glasses with more disruptive details.


Sunglasses protect us, help us not to damage our eyes, add a nice touch to our look, choosing is not an easy task because of the amount of models that exist and deciding on a single model seems an impossible task.


One of the trends that are carried today, and that have been since a few years ago with the return of aviator glasses, are the glasses with metal pins. They remind me a bit of the typical style of the 60's. In Madrid, those that have a rounded shape are usually worn, although for a few months now I have been starting to see them square too. And they are beautiful!


Celebrities and bloggers wear a lot of cyclist sunglasses. Do you like this trend? I do not finish seeing them, neither in me nor in anyone. But that already goes by tastes. I suppose there will be someone who thinks totally against me. 😛


On the other hand, I love the screen-shaped glasses! They seem super flattering to me, at least to my face type. Maybe, if I had a smaller head, they would not fit. But for now, I say yes to this trend!


We have been looking at this finish for several seasons. Personally I get bored, but hey, if you mix this trend with some fun model, cat eye, or square, they can be very cool!


I confess that I am a little in love (or a lot) with this trend. At first it seemed very strange to me. He even reminded me of Ultra, the mother of the Jetsons, do you remember her? But now I love them, I'm looking for higher quality ones. Because to try I bought a pair of cat eye low cost glasses that worked out pretty well last summer.


Other of my favorites are the squares! The tendency is to carry them super finite, almost that you see the eye. I like them but not exaggerating so much. Everything to its proper measure, because if I do not think that they lose the elegance. Or what do you think?