What is an online avatar and how to obtain one?

what is an online avatar

The avatar online It is an image associated with
your email that moves in the digital medium every time you make a comment
In a blog, you participate in a forum or have any other digital presence. The
The image that is displayed is usually associated with a personal photo,
can be with the logo of your brand if you want to make an impersonal presence
In Internet.

Sure, you will have
made a comment on a blog and you will have noticed that it shows a
image. But if you have never worried about creating your avatar, you will see that the
image that unfolds is a letter, a silhouette or a cartoon that is
assigned by the owners of the blogs when their readers have no avatar.

If you are
thinking about creating your website you should be thinking about creating an avatar
professional, since your image will be on the internet. You can have several avatars
associated to different emails.

What is the importance of having an avatar?

Difference between a comment without avatar and a comment with avatar
  • It gives more seriousness to your digital presence, since a caricature or a letter assigned does not bring distinction to your name. You might think that you hide when giving your opinion and that reduces the credibility of what you express.
  • You start to get to know you with a photo that represents you in the digital medium. Therefore, do not choose the photo at random, nor a family photo. Our recommendation is that it be a professional photo with your best profile. You will see that little by little people begin to identify you in what you see in the photo.
  • You can participate in digital magazines associated with your professional area to develop your personal brand by making comments or article entries.

Types of avatars in

  • Photography, is the most
    common and recommended when you're thinking of creating your personal brand by
    Internet. Remember that all the comments you make will be associated with your
    photo and your name.
  • Icon, it's more
    This is why it is more common among young people or when people do not
    They want to associate their name with the comments they make. It's very common
    find them in video games.
  • Drawing
    is the one that creatives and people select
    They have humor or satire within their style of expression.

How to get your avatar

Obtain a
avatar is a simple process that we will help you do in a few steps:

  1. The most common avatars in the digital environment are created by registering on a page called gravatar.com, it is this platform that will allow you to have your name next to your photo.
  2. Sign up with the email you want to use to let you know. Your photo and your name will be associated with that email only.
  3. Think of the name you will place, we always recommend that you choose the name that will be associated with your personal brand.
  4. You can create an informal avatar and a formal one using different emails.
  5. Give it to accept the whole process and test if your new avatar works by making a comment below.
  6. You can return to gravatar every time you want to change photos, update mail, etc.

We hope that with this article you are clearer to make use of a professional avatar and do not forget to put face to your comments.